What the Hell is FI?

photo credit: Mrs. C

Good morning customers! Here at at FI-supply, one of the biggest questions we get asked is “What the Hell is FI, and where can I get some?”. Well, as luck would have it, we just got in a big shipment of FI (financial independence) from some of our top name brands.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of FI or as its also known FI/RE, pull up a stool and let Mr. C share with you some stories of people who have already achieved Financial Independence. These fine folks have chosen a different path for their lives. Do they work until 65? Nope. Do they let their dreams die a slow death while they work a job they don’t love? Absolutely not.

How Much is Enough?

“Your future is waiting for you to make the first move”

-Paula Pant

Paula Pant and her inspirational “Afford Anything” brand is one of the reasons FI-supply exists. This smart, confident and funny young woman will teach you so much about the Financially Independent lifestyle. From real estate to mindset and practical tips, we can barely find enough shelf space for all she has to offer. We’ll be featuring more of her story in upcoming posts.

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The Perfect Day

Tanja Hester and her partner Mark left the full time world of work at age 38/41. They now spend their time enjoying the outdoors and pursuing purposeful work. She describes what a “perfect day” can look like when you stop trading your time for money and have achieved Financial Independence. Spoiler alert, the perfect day looks damn good. Learn more about Tanja here.

Financial Freedom is Time Freedom

J.D. Roth has been documenting his journey to financial freedom since 2006. He uses story telling and personal experience in a way that makes you feel like you’re sharing a beer with an old friend out on the back porch. His article titled “Financial Freedom is Time Freedom” really hits home here at the hardware store. If you’re looking for a deep understanding of Financial Independence, this is the brand for you.

photo credit: Mrs. C

Deprivation or Abundance? Turns out, it’s your choice.

What would you do if you didn’t need your paycheck? What’s your passion in life? And what’s stopping you from making that a reality?

-Elizabeth Willard Thames

Elizabeth Willard Thames is among other things, a Best selling author, blogger, homesteader, Mom and Wife. Her descriptions of the power of Frugalism and Financial Independence literally bring a tear to Mr. C’s eyes. To learn more about frugalism and get a glimpse of a well lived life, head over to Frugalwoods now. Really, go right now!